2nd July 2012, by Leah

Often times the most beautiful moments of the day are overlooked. They are classified as “mundane” or :”ordinary”, and lets be real; overall there is nothing glamorous about doing laundry, cooking lunch, or simply basking in the sun. Yet these are some of the most beautiful moments I have captured while living at the IHF center in Kenya. In these still photos, the children are effortlessly at ease. They are themselves. This naturalness was partially achieved because I took the pictures without the children noticing, but it was also achieved because of the environment we have created here. It brings a smile to my face everytime I hear tiny voices shout “Little Mama!” in search for me or “Mommy Farah!” in search of our fearless director. You cannot force others to respect you or love you, just as you cannot force others to call a place home when it is indeed nothing like the home they were previously accustomed to.The kids here are able to relax and enjoy a moment of fresh air because they have come to love the IHF family we created. Walking around the compound for an hour or so opened my eyes to the beauty we have within these IHF walls. At any given moment someone is working in the Shamba, playing football, studying for school or talking with friends; and all these moments are all beautiful.The wonder of a photo is that it doesn’t indicate the events which took place before or after it was captured. It only shows what existed during that precise breath. These pictures don’t indicate how much we struggle or achieve. They don’t show tears or excitement. They simply show us living, which is more beautiful than anything else I can imagine.


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