6th July 2012, by Joanna

Time flies, this is my second also the last week as a volunteer in IHF Bali center; everything is going well, teaching and living. Chilia and I prepared the classes for SD1, SD2, SD4 and SD5 on Monday and Tuesday. After graduation ceremony, the whole week was a revision week. We played games that can help them remember some vocabulary. They laugh and have a lot of fun during the class.  They like to complete with each other. We had a swimming party (celebrating those students who received excellent reports from their teachers for the year) on Wednesday. Some older students came. They played balls, swam, and dove in the swimming pool in center (under the watchful eyes of the Director and volunteers). It is a pity that I cannot swim and a little afraid of water. I just watched them near the pool and take care of the children who did not swim too. Chilia had finished her volunteer work and left on Wednesday night. It is a little tough for me to prepare the lesson alone, however, Micah helped a lot. During the whole week, the kids are so nice to me. Wan from SD5 helped me to clean broad, and helped me to prepare the game. I hope the two weeks I stayed in the center brought them fun.


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