8th July 2012, by Jinghang

We arrived in the center on 3rd July at night and children and director welcomed us at the door. We three were so delighted to see the lovely children. But, since it was late and the children needed to prepare for their lesson, we were asked to arrange our rooms and went to sleep.

During these days, we played with children, taught them some Chinese traditional dances and music. One of these boys has the gift to play the piano, and we gave him the stave and he could play well after several time’s practice. In addition, we taught the girls to dance. And all of them were willing to learn to dance according to Chinese songs. Here is the photo of their dancing.

What’s more, we also taught them the song called “pretty boy”. In the music class, children wrote the words of the song and we told them the meaning of the words of song and required them to read the song clearly, then they sang it according the video heatedly. This is a good way encourage the children to speak since most of them are shy to speak English to us. The youngest boy is so lovely, he always help us to mop. Here is a photo of him.We feel so happy to stay here to take care of so many lovely children.


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