9th July 2012, by Wenshy

It is a quite amazing week to me in my life. Hot is the first expression of Jakarta, although it is night when I arrived in this city. Every thing in the airport is exotic, including the telephone booth.

We met Thibault outside the airport and maybe he had been waiting there for more than an hour. He introduced the center to us and told us that the lovely children were very sad and missed the volunteers who just left very much. Maybe they will also miss me!

The first day here is Sunday and we did not get up until 11 o’clock because of the night flight. Food here is quite different from what I usually have in China, but also very delicious.

There are two mango trees at the door of our house, which is quite newfangled to us.

Ade told us something about the teaching and classes the next morning and all of the children are very lovely. To my surprise, their English is quite well so that we can communicate successfully through English. Adit is a very cute 12 years boy who lives with us together. All of us three love him very much. And Nia is also a quite lovely girl. Most of evenings we play the Uno game together

My daily life is full of teaching and interesting things. The life here is not as difficult as what I thought before I came here. On the contrary, it is interesting and fulfilling.



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