10th July 2012, by Sarah

Time flies and I’ve been in Jakarta already one week. As a vonluntourist, half of the time passed and I felt complicated. I can still remember the day I arrived, with Wenshy and Shelly, everything is fresh and interesting. We arrived in midnight and met everyone in Jakarta in next morning. Jakarta is hot and traffic is busy, every time when I cross the road, I feel nervous because of the fast fast fast motor cycle. I become familiar with the life and food in Jakarta quickly. However, in another side, I feel everything is so accustomed. Everyone, Julia, Thibault, Ade, Arnau, Ayu, Adit, Nia are so nice that makes me feel like just knew them long time ago. And now one week passed, I become reluctant to leave and wanna stay more time.

For my daily work, at first, I just get accustomed to teaching children and teach one class everyday. With time went by, I teach two or three classes one day. Sometimes younger children and sometimes bigger. I enjoy communicating with children because they are so lovely and energetic. Teaching them is a meaningful thing and I hope my appearance will make help for them, even just a little.Usually in the evening, we will play games like hide and kick, and uno cards. We always play till ten or eleven and always so tired but feel happy.
I hope last week will pass slower and slower that I can stay more time with children. It will be the impressive experience in my life and I will remember it forever.

One thought on “10th July 2012, by Sarah

  1. What a great experience, and what a wonderful thing that you are doing. I’m happy that you are enjoying your time in Jakarta, Sarah. I’m bet all the children absolutely love you! 🙂 Hope that the rest of your stay goes well. All the best, Lottie

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