10th July 2012, by Shelly

It has been 8 days, 18 hours since I arrived in Jakarta. The first impression about the centre is that I think it is a really sweet home for all of us. Everyone is so nice and living here is not as hard as my imagination. As a Chinese, the most difficult thing is communication because I can’t speak in Indonesian, and also my English is not as good as native speakers. Fortunately, everyone here is very kind and makes feel comfortable. Till now, everything is so fantastic.

Julia, is my roommate from England, a really nice and beautiful girl. I really like to talk with her. She helped me a lot in teaching and working here.

The first week, I almost taught with Julia. Teaching here is a really meaningful experience for me and it is one of the most important parts of IHF. So every day I wanna provide children all the skills I know to help them have a better future. Although the effort of myself may be weak, I think that can be very powerful if each volunteer can do their best to help the children. Sometimes I could be so tired with the naughty boys, but I am willing to treat them more patiently. Hope all the children can have bright future.

Except working, our spare time is also a important experience for me. We played games everyday with the centre children. They are really cute, I like them very much, and I treat them like my own brothers and sisters. We played hide and seek, UNO and other interesting games, we all enjoyed it very much. When I arrived at the centre, all the children are so shy to talk with me, but now I am really happy that all of us are good friends now. I hope I can do as much as I can to help them have better life.


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