12th July 2012, by Beilei

It is my first fantastic week working as a work-study volunteer at the IHF Bali center and everything goes smoothly. And the beautiful scenery and nice people here impress me a lot. With the help of our director and Agus, our housekeeper, we got used to the life here very quickly and began to enjoy every moment happened here.

On the second day of my arrival, I began my teaching work. The children here are so lovely that I like them very much. The first class was teaching English for SD2 students, who are around 7 years old. Although those children couldn’t understand everything I said, there were still full of laugh throughout the class and we had a happy time together. In addition to SD2, I was also assigned to teach SD 6 and Senior students and the students in these two classes were more cooperative with me and they all had an active participation in the class interactions.

I am eagerly looking forward to the next classes. I will make good preparation for the next class and enjoy the time together with those children. It will be unforgettable time in my life.

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