12th July 2012, by Yunqiong

This is my first week at the Bali center and everything goes well as expected. What I remembered most is the first day when we (Sara, Caroline, Ann and me) are picked up at the airport. It is really exciting to have someone holding a paper with your names on it, standing out there, and waiting for you at the exit of the airport. And it is then that we met Micah and Agus. Micah is our center director and friendly guides us throughout the center as well as the whole small village, while Agus is a local guy that works for the center and speaks only a little English. Although sometimes we cannot understand each other, but his smiles always make us feel at home.

When it comes to teaching, at first it is really hard for me. The children are really cute and I like them a lot. But they are too small to understand sentences that we speak and we can hardly communicate with each other. After one class I learned that we can use games, pictures and body languages as teaching methods and things are getting better now.

Hope the next week will go smoothly as well.

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