14th July 2012, by Yunqiong

Time flies and another week passed. During my second week of stay in the Bali center, I became familiar with everything here: I memorized these children’s faces and names, I learnt to handle the teaching process, and I got used to the peaceful everyday life.

This week we have two days for special activity—Wednesday and Saturday. On Wednesday, we taught the children origami. They looked really excited when they turned papers into frogs, hearts and birds. For Saturday, we prepared several traditional Chinese outdoor games such as “ One two three, turn into wood”, “ Throw the handkerchief” and “Eagle and chickens”. When it comes to running, the children are so energetic that we can hardly keep up with them. Despite of games, we taught them some simple Chinese greeting sentences.

What surprised me most during this week is the children’s ability to draw “thank you” posters. At first, we thought it maybe hard for children near 10 years old to create their own well-looking posters and tried to figure out a simple way for them to do it. However, as soon as they were given the paper, they started to draw. Their cooperation is perfect without any pre-work discussion: one draws the shapes, others do the colorings, and finally they add some simple patterns to make the poster more vivid. How clever they are!


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