15th July 2012, by Shelly

Time flies and my third week in Jakarta is coming. After being here for two weeks, I have been used to everything here. I treat everyone here like my family member and I enjoy every minute here.

This week we had a new math classroom, because we repainted the wall. We made it purple and draw a lot of pictures on it. We spent two days to renew it, and now it is really nice. I think all the students will be happy about their new classroom. It is also very happy to me to do it with all the members in our centre.

Last Sunday we went to Jakarta Fair. There so many people but each of us was very happy. It is a good chance for me to learn more about the culture of Jakarta. That night the children of centre were so excited, because Nia saw the concert of her favorite band and Adit had a new experience of climbing. It is the first time that we three volunteers: Wenshy, Sarah and me together went outside with other people in the centre, but it is also the last time.

This weekend is a very sad weekend, because Sarah, Julia and Wenshy left our centre one after another. I am sad about their leaving. Each of them is such a good friend for me, so I don’t want to lose their company. I’ll keep the memory of them forever in my mind. Now I am living in the centre alone, so I should work harder to help the centre more. I hope I could spend my rest couple of weeks meaningful.

Although it is very sad to say goodbye to my friends, we had a very unforgettable farewell party together, and also it is a birthday party for our dear Ayu. She is 18 now and will go to university this year. I hope she can enjoy her university life and achieve her dream in the future. Best wishes to you, my dear Ayu!!

Now it is time to sleep. Goodbye my dear friends!!


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