16th July 2012, by Sweta

It has been an exciting week at the IHF center in Bali. I am enjoying working closely with the students. It’s wonderful to see how excited they are about learning and how engaged they are during the lessons. They are very curious and love to ask questions.

This week, I taught them how to make jewelry using seed beads and string which was not easy.  I worked with the students in classes 4, 5 and 6. The students were able to design and make their own bracelets. Some of the students went beyond the use of simple beads to put buttons on their bracelets. They were very proud to show off their work and a couple of the students wanted to make more jewelry.

Although it was not a simple task, all of the students exhibited patience and persistence when completing the task.  The most challenging part was keeping the thread from unraveling. But every student was able to make their own bracelet.


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