15th July 2012, by Su Cong Lotus

This week flies so fast and I really enjoy every day here. Children became familiar with us now and were not as shy as the 1st week, especially the boys and the two smallest children; they are more willing to play with us and chat with us. We helped them to write thanks letter to their sponsors on Monday and had a P.E. class on a playground near the center, children like sports very much and there is a girl who is particularly active and is very good at slide board and basketball. We even visited the older children’s high school to learn about their school life on Wednesday and received a warm welcome. Just at last night, we prepared a surprised birthday party for 3 children here, two girls and one boy. The girls were so happy to receive the watches, hairgrips and earrings as their presents and the boy got a new soccer ball, then we shared the sweet cakes and doughnuts together jollily. Saturday is quite a busy day, as we plan to have a small trip on the beach of a river thus we have to finish all the chores first. We cleaned and classified our storeroom in the morning and the greatest harvest is to find many useful things such as medicines, office tools and some books. Boys planted the beautiful flowers bought from the market and girls finished the paintings on the wall of the new room in this afternoon. I have to admit, all of them are very creative, no matter in life or in other aspects, they like painting, music as well as any beautiful things of life, and they also have a good talent to catch up with all the inspirations.

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