23th July 2012, by Shelly


This is the third week for me in Jakarta. It is a really busy week. All the students started to go to school on Monday, so there were much more students than before to come to the centre. Fortunately, there came another volunteer, Julia, who came from Hongkong. She came here with her boyfriend who is an Indonesian, so it is really helpful for us to teach the students, to let them understand better. And they are all very nice and very patient. I am very happy and lucky to meet both of them.

After two weeks getting along with all these children, we are more similar to each other now. It is easier for me to let them focus on the class. Every day I enjoy to witness them playing and laughing. It makes me comfortable and reminds me of my own childhood. Every time at that moment I want to keep them company forever and I want to teach here for a long time. I think I will cherish the last week of volunteering, and I will do as much as I can to help them to improve more.

On this Friday, all the Muslims started their fasting day. It is really lucky for me that I can experience this very special event. Every night we have dinner together, it is definitely a special experience for me.


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