24th July 2012, by Han

There are special activities for the kids on every Wednesday and Saturday. As a volunteer, I should prepare some interesting games with my companions. On this Wednesday, we taught them paper folding and the children were really hard working. During the teaching I also noticed that the majority of the girls like the heart shape while the boys prefer the frog and bird shape. In the Saturday, we played some Chinese games such as “one, two, three, be the wood” and “chicken and ego” with them. After that, we organized a drawing competition and then gave the winner prizes which are donated by one of the former volunteers. This week we also gave children quizzes after the review. Some of them did really well and I felt proud of them. However, some students’ achievement was disappointing, making us start to rethink our teaching methods.

I still have several days to get on with my students, but I begin to miss them now. Epa, a small girl in SD1, is very clever. She has become used to sit on our lap to play with us. Meita tries to use her watery eyes to ask for help when she cannot answer the questions. Also, I will not forget the student who often asks for stickers (a kind of reward for the good performance on the class), the student who is talented in painting and so on. They are so cute! I believe that being a volunteer will be worthwhile to everyone who comes.


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