24th July 2012, by Wang

When we arrived at Denpasar airport at 12:30, 4th July, 2012, the director Micah and the staff Agus were waiting for us at the exit. After one hour and a half’s driving, we arrived the center, which is located at Buitan, Bali Island. We were shocked by the natural scenery around the center and the very traditional architectural style of the place we accommodate. We have a cook taking care of our daily diet and we are pleased with the amazing tasty local food.

The next day, class began. Ann and me are responsible for the SD 2, SD 6 and Senior classes. It is quite a challenge since the age ranged from 5 years old to 20 years old and each class needs different teaching preparations and teaching style. We taught SD 2 and 6 students some new common used English words and taught Seniors about jobs and self introduction skills in interview, which we think will be useful in their future career life. At first, the children in class 2 were not willing to listen, but when we got familiar with each other, they began to be cooperative. To our surprise, the children learn much faster as we imaged before. Overall, I was quite impressed by the lovely and clever kids here.

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