29th July 2012, by Danheng Mao

As a work-study volunteer, it is our responsibility to do some donation
for the center not only on the material but also on the spirit. Therefore,
we brainstormed for the whole afternoon and came out several ideas. On
the one hand, we decorated the wall in the main classroom, rearrange the
photos and mottos. Creating things by DIT is full of fun. The processes
of the decoration can be divided into four parts which are designing,
drawing, cutting and pasting. The children always companied us doing
work, which made the job more interesting. On the other hand, we color
the gate and repair the painting wall outside the door. In addition, we
gave English classes every Tuesday and Thursday for the junior students.
The children here respect the teacher and are always grateful even
though some of them suffered a lot from the life. They chose to be
happy and never complained about their life. They can always fight for
the dream, find the happiness of life and try their best to neglect the
sadness. What our done could only improve the studying environment
of the center and ease the children here. However, what the children
behaved deeply reminds us the meaning of live, life and dream.


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