2nd August 2012, by Brad

It only took a day or so before we felt like we were part of the team here but I think it was only a day or two ago that we were finally accepted by the kids. There may have been some bribes along the way, but you have to do what it takes. Aside from helping out with afternoon English classes and keeping the kids entertained, our days are filled with helping getting the centre fixed up. While Gen has volunteered before, I have not and so was unsure what to expect both in terms of what the centre would be like and what exactly I would fill my days with. The answer is plenty. Being a jack-of-all trades (but master of none) kind of guy I was put to work fixing lights, wiring and computers and as the jobs get finished the list of things that need doing seems to keep growing.

But it’s been nothing but fun and an experience I will never forget. We are even talking of changing our travel plans around so we can come back later in the year and upgrade ourselves from voluntourists to work studiers!


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