2nd August 2012, by Gen

Sometimes time does a strange thing and a week feels like a year, but simultaneously like it only took five minutes; that’s definitely what this last week has been like. Over seven days we have taught English lessons and a music lesson, struggled with getting the kids to do chores, thrown a birthday party, played floor hockey with squash racquets, visited a village and hosted a mini Olympics at the centre.

I’ve learned that ‘teenager’ describes an age as well as an attitude universally, that access to YouTube works spectacularly well as a bargaining chip and that after a week without red meat I’m surprisingly happy to suggest a meal of rice and ‘Nelbert’ – the resident goat.

I can’t wait to see what the next week brings, although if time continues to be as strange as it has been I might leave the centre to find I’ve aged 10 years.


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