4th August 2012, by Laura

It’s the beginning of a new week and it has rained every day! The children have also had exams so they have been around the house a lot as school has finished early so we had to come up with fun things to do inside. The new voluntourists Jen and Brad are awesome we together lead two really good english classes. In the first lesson we got the kids to write a song, half played the music while the other half wrote the lyrics in English and at the end of the collaboration we recorded it on an ipad. It went so well I haven’t heard the girls speak so much English before they all got into brain storming lines for the song. It was a wishy washy Justin Beeber like teen love song but it really served its purpose in getting the kids starting to speak more.

The second class was Olympic themed as the London games start today. We divided the children into groups and they picked a country out of a hat, they hat to research facts about the country and draw a flag. This is also going to be there teams for the mini Olympics day we are going to have on the weekend down at the sports field. Looking forward to the sports day and also the trip to some of the kids village on Saturday, a two hour drive into the hills!

We had a party for Samyout on Friday night, the kids put on tunes and we played floor hokey it worked out a real fun night, even though Samyout wasn’t feel that good. We had an ice-cream cake and took lots of photos. This night was probably my highlight so far I feel a lot closer to the children now drawing into the second half of my second week.

The next day we took a trip to the village it was really interesting,  we arrived around 11am and has lunch that Janjira’s grandmother has prepared for us. It started with some corn which was different to the corn at home as it wasn’t sweet corn and tasted more like chip peas; followed by bamboos shoots, saluted fish, dried out pork, tasty spicy sauce and of course rice. The house had two rooms made from bamboo with a tin roof it was simple but welcoming with a beautiful big wooden table in the center and with the sound of the fast running river never far away. We wondered around the small village the bright green rice fields bordering the road, we met Soithong’s grandmother and slugged up a muddy hill. The girls didn’t want to go swimming and the river looked too fast running to swim so we headed back in the small truck with the broken clutch for the 2.5 hour return trip.

We woke up the next day to a sunny Sunday which was good because we had the mini Olympics to do. It was a slow start getting the kids up and involved like it always I with the teenager but by the end even Samyout was getting into tug of war. It was a great day with ‘China’ team winning with a combination score added up from all the different sports. We played badminton, three legged race, tug of war and floor hockey. I was bugged, the Thai climate is so humid it leaves you feeling sticky and your clothes are always damp.

We have continued to have great English lessons with the kids currently they are making personal profile in english which along with a photo of themselves will be hanging up on the wall soon. Jen is sick at photography and is taking some great shot of the kids, she has been a real asset to the centre. Three more Chinese volunteers have just arrived and another Laura is coming tonight at 8:30 so a lot is happening at the moment. I am very much looking forward to my third week which I think will include a small trip to Chang Mai.


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