5th August 2012, by Annie

I have been here for 5 days, and I still remember the first night when I saw the children coming back from the schools. In these days, I can connect them with their names and know them a little. What surprises me a lot is that the children are really really talented. Somyout and Darid are good at painting; Jirapon and Anchalee are interested in dancing. Another beautiful girl named Janjira writes “I want to be a Chinese teacher” on her introduction card, and Soithong also said that they love learning Chinese. Later, I was told that we will give them Chinese classes. It is extremely exciting and also making me a little nervous.

Two of the volunteers, Gen and Brad leave today, and they gave children an icecream party last night. I saw them bring spoons quickly and ate up the icecream in few minutes. It may be very easy for other children to ask their parents to buy icecreams, including me.  However, the children here cannot eat what other kids can eat in most time, and we have a rule that people can eat twice only when everyone has gotten the first dish. No milk or juice in most time, no chips or jelly in most time, children here do request little and try their best to do chores and cook meals by themselves.

No matter how hard the life is, children here show me what is a warm family, and what is a happy life. I am looking forward to being with them in the next few weeks.


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