5th August 2012, by Song

After visited Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, I arrived here—Bali, Indonesia. IHF center here is really tropic. It’s a nice place for children to have classes. It’s not like a normal classroom, all the room is so natural which I really love.

I have my first class in Aug 2nd.There are only four cute students in this class. We taught them English but what really shock me is that they almost don’t know English. I think I was astonished and didn’t know how to teach them the 26 letters of English for a while. At that time, only body language could be used for my teaching. But they are so so so so so cute. I remembered when I told them the difference of the capital and the small letter, I used body language to emphasize the difference and they shacked there body either to imitate my action. I find it may be difficult to teach them because I cannot communicate with them. So maybe it’s good for me to learn “listen, copy, read and etc.” in Indonesian. Hope next week can be better!


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