9th August 2012, by Daisy

This is my first week in Jakarta IHF. When I first saw children here on 3nd August I felt exciting because of their big smiles. Hence we began our teaching on the next day. To be honest, it is a bit difficult for us to teach English because they can’t totally understand us. However, these girls and boys are clever and they will tell each other what we mean by our body language. Maybe it is better for us to learn some Indonesia language later in order to have an easier class.

What makes me happiest is that we begin our Chinese class this week. Although there are only four children for the first time, I think the atmosphere in class is pretty good. We taught them to say “hello, nice to meet you, bye and some numbers” in Chinese. I was shocked when I saw their hand-writing. It is good enough for a beginner. I know it is hard for them to learn Chinese because we can only explain the meaning in English, so we decide to make Chinese class simple and interesting. We plan to teach them a Chinese song next class.

I’m sure I will have a memorable time here.


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