10th August 2012, by Billy

The highlight of this day was definitely Monday, when the Hindu Council came to visit us with a very generous donation. They brought a whole truck full of clothes, shoes, toys and food.  The children were ecstatic!

They also brought some cakes and sweets that they handed out to the children, after the children did a performance with traditional dances and songs. The members of the council got a tour of the facility, before they departed with yet more singing and dancing. It was a very happy day.

We also had two additions to our staff here in Nakuru. Monday evening our new co-director Billy came, a recent university graduate from England. He was instantly popular with the children and has since been of invaluable help at the centre.

Wednesday we were joined by Isabel from Bolivia, who will be volunteering here for a month. She has been very active all week with teaching and tutoring the children, and helping out with various tasks.

Our donations of clothes, shoes and toys from Monday were handed out to the children little by little throughout the week, and we now have 67 very happy children here, running around in new shoes and clothes, playing with new toys.

Thus the excitement from Monday has lasted all through the week, and we are excited to see what the next week will bring.


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