11th August 2012, by Catherine

It is the sixth day when I arrive at IHF in Jakarta.  I memorized clearly the moment I got there because when those children saw us, they are happy and curious about us. We are familiar with Ayu, Adit, Athe and Mochi not for a long time. Because they are friendly to us. Her smile is pure. She usually teaches us to do boxes and looks after us well.  She usually takes us around to buy some fruits and beautiful clothes. When we have some problems, they usually can help us to solve them out. When we have the first dinner, it tastes delicious.

When I have the first lesson, I find the children very cute.  They listen the English classes very carefully. They are active and have interests in our teaching. We also play a game before we finish our teaching. When I see their big smile, I feel very happy and warm. They need not only the knowledge, but also our care. This is only the start for me to get together with both IHF and those children.  I think I would be happy and harmony with them. Meanwhile, we also need other people’s care to help those lovely children.


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