11th August 2012, by Ren

I just finished my first week at Bali center. I and Song arrived at Denpasar on 31th August at late night. Agus was there waiting for us at the airport with a warm smile. He is a very nice person!

We did not have a class the next day, just spent the time on getting familiar with center.

When the first class came, I felt a little nervous and exited. The SD1 students were really young which made it a bit difficult for us to communicate. But when they could not understand, they just said ‘copy, copy’, and then we just wrote down on the board so that they could take notes.

In the computer class, Giancarlo, a very nice man, taught us how to teach computer for the students who never used a computer before. The things he told us are really useful for our teaching. It’s a pity that he left on this Saturday L

In the class for SD6, there were nearly 20 students, and all of them performed quite well in the class- so active! The children here are really cute, initiate and enthusiastic. Some of them maybe naughty, but still SOOOOOOOO lovely!




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