14th August 2012, by Giancarlo

We arrived in Denpasar on Sunday 15th around 4 pm after having left Frankfurt (Germany) on Saturday at 2 pm.  The contrast between Western Europe and Bali was immediately obvious.  It started in the airport with the carrier of the luggage who bargained his tip (he asked us for a tip of 12 USD for carrying one luggage for 30 seconds … I suppose it is worth trying at least …).   Once out of the airport, we got in contact with one of the most visible profession in Bali:  the taxi drivers.  Here again, pleasant bargaining, and deal done to drive us to the center.  Each moment of the route to the center was a moment of discovery.  Still 2 things were very impressive to us:  the landscape and the way of driving on the island.

On the next day, we attended some classes hold by other volunteers.  Actually, as we had no experience in teaching and as we did not know the children of the center, it was very useful to start by observing the work done by other volunteers.  During the evening, we finally prepared our first class which we should hold on the day after.

This first class we leaded was not really a success to us, but we learned from it.  After 2 to 3 days, we felt much more comfortable with teaching the children. We now really appreciate it and enjoy seeing how much energy and joy is impulse by the children during the time they spend with us.

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