16th August 2012, by Catherine

This week has been filled with many things. For the weekend, Mochi and her friends, and Joko brought us three volunteers to the zoo. We have seen many animals, for example,  zebra, elephant, giraffe, snake and so on.  After we have a delicious meal, we went to the gorilla zoo.  Some  gorillas are very cute , it seems that they would like us to take photos for them. However, some gorillas are very fierce.  When we have a trick with the gorilla King, he usually gets angry. We have a nice day on the weekend.

By contrast, on August 15th, the whole family went to slum areas  in which  lot of children live in. We handed out the IHF posters to them, letting them know they can learn English, Math, Computer and Chinese free of charge. By having more communication with them, we found that they need other people’s more care and financial support. Living conditions are very difficult there, however children are so cute. Too bad some lack the basic education. Therefore, we believe that IHF can give them a side opportunity!


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