19th August 2012, by Hossein

For nearly all people all around the world, the childhood has a special meaning when they just grown up and look at their back and feel something nostalgic about it. These small things which really meaningless to other people sometimes form our future. For me Judy Abbott the first character in the novel named Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster is one of the things who I never can forget especially by the opening music of the cartoon which aired on the TV based on the novel when I was child.

At that time I always feel pity when something mentioned that Judy is an orphan and don’t have a family. But know I really think about this matter that who is our real family. I don’t think but sure that those who has a family, should definitely cherish the opportunity that they are given. But personally I think love is beyond the only blood relationship. I remember Judy when she was hiding her status from other people but finally find another family which was base on love and friendship rather than blood relationship. I dedicate this article to people who love other like their families. Like every man like their father, like every woman like their mother, like every girl like their sister and every boy like their own brother.


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