19th August 2012, by Jess

“My first week here in Chiang Rai has flown by! It feels like just
yesterday when Tess picked me up from the airport, nervous and
flustered from such a long flight. The first full day I was here the
kids had a day off which gave me the opportunity to get to know them,
but I’m still struggling with names! It was a public holiday due to it
being the Queen’s birthday – the royal family are very important here
in Thailand. We made Chinese potato dumplings in the evening, which
was great fun and it was brilliant to see all the children getting so
involved. This week has been a learning curve – I now know the routine
of picking the kids up from school, supervising chores and dinner and
am settling in nicely to the culture. I also am just about getting the
hang of teaching, this week we’ve taught them some of the capital
cities of the world. I’d brought some postcards from London for them
to look at, which they all seemed fascinated by. We also taught them
animals, which prompted Rawipon to take great pleasure in imitating
all the sounds they make, and Chatagorn to bounce up and down like a
frog when we tried to teach them about tadpoles! I’ve had a chance to
see the centre’s surroundings – the trip to pick the kids up goes
right by a rather majestic temple. It is beautiful here, lusciously
green due to the sporadic torrential downpours we’ve been having! I’m
looking forward to what next week will bring.”

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