27th August 2012, by Melody, Daisy and Catherine

It is very lucky that we have holidays this week so that we can fly to Bali.  The scenaries there are just superb. Actually, we had a wonderful time in Bali and went to many places, such as Kuta beach, Tanah Lot temple and Monkey Forest. I even don’t know how to describe its beauty and the first feeling I saw it is “WOW, AMAZING!!!” There is no doubt that I will remember the days in Bali forever. In addition, if it is possible, I will seize the opportunity to go there again.

I’d like to thank many people for my vacation. A former volunteer who now work in a travel agency helped us to book the air tickets. In addition, Mochi and Antonius, Mathematics and Computer teachers, helped us to arrange our journey and book hotel. During those days, we were lucky to meet a nice driver because he took us to many famous places and charged for us at low price.

Yesterday we come to the center, shopping at mall. Then, we go to old city and China town. I find that there is a big gap between the poor and the rich in Jakarta. We need to continue our efforts to help those kids who deserved to have fair access to education, they need more help and care, then they will be able to manage by themselves.  I feel that the center is like a big family, no matter where we come from.


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