28th August 2012, by Song

Having computer class is the most difficult thing for me in the center. The difficulty is not for the class itself. It’s also not for the knowledge which I taught them, but the emotion by myself. When I had my first computer class, I couldn’t believe that it’s the first time the senior student used the computer. When he first clicked the mouse, his hand was shacked. I could feel his exciting and panic. Maybe exciting is more than any other emotions. I thought my life, maybe I can’t live without computer or net now. I have this kind of life unconsciously and never think about the life without the convenience from computer. So I think the computer class can be the most useful class I can teach which may change their career in the future. I will try my best to let them know more about this kind of knowledge. Now, we teach typing, painting and using some software to add joy for learning computer. The basic thing is typing but it’s also the boring thing. The students always feel boring even if we combined game with typing. They love painting but we may teach stuff like Microsoft. Hope they can learn this quickly.


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