31st August 2012, by Thibault

This week we went to slum area not too far from the center in order to prepare the recruitment of new students. We will hold a registration week from the upcoming Monday. Even though the center is already busy with many kids, we should always keep in mind our mission, providing education to the poorest children. And IHF not only offers education, but also we try to provide them an opportunity to open their mind through interaction with volunteers from different backgrounds. I was glad to see that in the slums, while walking around with Mochi and Rima (our computer and English local teachers) children were actually racing toward us to grab a brochure !! Such a nice surprise! We also used that time to chat with their relatives when they were around, explaining to them what IHF is about.

Luckily, we also met a guy, Carlos, who wants to be a math teacher at the center. He used to work for the Indonesian-Australian youth association so I m sure he too will be a good recruit.

Well, we’ll keep you posted after the registration week to let you know about the new kids.



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