2nd September 2012, by Gen & Brad

It’s hard to believe that our two weeks with IHF are already over, certainly I feel like it has finished much too soon. By the time we left I had only just got all twelve kids names down (I’m a little slow) and the hang of the routine at the centre. We got to witness a lot of changes while we there including some much-needed repairs and the introduction of a ‘point-system’ to encourage the kids to do their chores and attend evening class. Brad left the centre with 3 more working computers than when we arrived and Brad and I together managed to throw together some fairly unstable chicken nesting boxes out of retired roof tiles and donate a ukulele to the kids before we left.

I really enjoyed being with IHF, and we will definitely be coming back for longer later this year. Although, when we left we had only taught the kids one song on the ukulele; one song that they really enjoyed playing loudly and often, so Micah and Ruth might not be so enthusiastic about our return.


When we initially planned to volunteer with IHF I have to admit I was a little nervous. Of course, as I said in my last blog, after two days the centre felt like home. Three days in and I’d completely forgotten that I’d been uncertain at all and four days in and it was time to leave. At least it felt like we were there for four days. In reality it had been two weeks that had whizzed by so quickly I’d barely even had time to take it in.

Looking back some highlights and favorite moments would have to be floor hockey with badminton rackets and table tennis paddles which was so popular it become part of our IHF Chiang Rai Olympics Day. Another highlight was building (or at least trying to build) a chicken roosting house out of old gyprock ceiling tiles and bamboo with a broken saw. We had a pasta party one night and cooked spaghetti for the kids, which initially did not go over well at all but in the end I saw one or two sneak seconds.

Gen and I enjoyed being a part of IHF Chiang Rai that we are coming back in October to do it all over again.



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