2nd September 2012, by Ren

I have finished the four weeks at Bali center. After finishing the last class, I felt so sad when the children waved their hands saying ‘bye bye reni bye bye reni’. It is true ‘goodbye’ this time. Some kids drew me beautiful pictures and hugged me. Their kindness made me want to cry. I am so glad that I have the opportunity to spend one month here, teaching them, playing with them, to make a difference to those lovely children.

I will miss the time watching the children playing with friends, smiling and laughing; as well as the classes in which they are so lively and active. And sometimes after class they asked me to play together.

Last Sunday a little boy called Yoga held my hand to see them climbing trees, watch football in the field and kites in the sky. It seems that he regards me as his older sister. It is such wonderful feeling to be loved by the children you love.

This is my first time volunteering abroad helping children and I think it will not be my last time. Those days back home, I just cannot stop missing their lovely face. And I would like to thank everyone here for making me a part of family and offering me such wonderful experience and memory which I will remember for the rest of my life.

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