8th September 2012, by Jessica

“Time for my final blog – all good things have to come to an end as the saying goes. This week has been as fun as, if not more than, the others – on Monday we taught the kids about the weather. They were particularly enthralled by the video of Gene Kelly tap dancing to ‘Singing In the Rain’ we showed them. There’s a lot right with the fact that this love is universal across cultures and age in my opinion! On Tuesday we had art class, which is always my favourite. We taught them to make masks with mixed success – some were rather elaborate with feathers and glittery pipe cleaners whilst some ended up as rather holey as Chatagorn got a bit carried away with the hole punch…Another highlight this week is my managing to ride a bike! I haven’t ridden since a child, but soon got back into the swing of it. This did mean that when I collected Chatagorn and Rawipon from school on it I had to push Chatagorn up the hill on the bike however!

As my final goodbye tonight we taught the kids how to make chocolate fondue. I’ve never seen anyone so excited about marshmallows before, and doughnuts with melted chocolate is the best thing ever, I’m happy to report! We also finished the kids’ letters to their sponsors, and made a poster to thank the class sponsor. The kids here are the centre are so creative, it’s really inspiring to see.

I will miss the people and the place and have thoroughly enjoyed my time with IHF. It has not been without its challenges but it has been a great experience. A month seems so long when organizing an endeavour, but in actuality it is so short. If I return I shall most definitely plan to stay longer”


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