12th September 2012, by Laura

This week brought us a new volunteer, Jess from England.  With her here, we were able to teach the kids a bit about London, which was great since that was where the Olympics were held and we had watched them a few times the last weeks.  We also got to teach them a children’s song from England.  They seemed to be having a pretty good time.  The Chinese volunteers also taught everyone how to make Chinese dumplings and we had them for dinner one night.  Everyone joined in and they turned out really well.  It was definitely nice for something different.

I’ve been picking up the two youngest kids from school most days.  I really enjoy it!  This week on the way back, they saw some fruit growing on a tree and just kicked their shoes and socks off and began climbing the tree to get it.  It was fun to watch.  They are really good climbers! They got a bunch of the fruit (they said it is called macko in Thai but I’ve never seen it before so I don’t know the English word for it).  They shared it with Jess and I.  They had to show us how to eat it.  It was a bit sour but I kind of liked it.

I’ve also gotten the chance to go to the Night Bazaar and the Saturday night market.  Both were really lively and quite a lot of fun with so much food to try! I will definitely be making more visits to both of them.  Curious to see what next week will bring!


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