16th September 2012, by Hu Ling

The local work of this week is much easier than the last. The kids didn’t come to have classes on Wednesday, Saturday and Friday because of the Galungan festival of Hindu and the wedding of Muslim.

I visited the temple near the Carol’s House on 29th August, the day of Galungan festival. With the local clothes, I was a little nervous as it was the first time I stepped into a Hindu temple. Thanks to the residents, their hospitality relaxed me soon. On this day, all the girls dressed up and they looked very pretty. It was also the time to pray, a nearly endless stream of Hindus with all kinds of sacrifices went into the temple and waited for the ceremony, the music for ceremony was always on.

It was lucky enough for us this Friday, all the volunteers were being invited to the wedding that held in the Muslim village. When we came in, guests were sitting in a row and chatting in a low voice. The atmosphere was cozy and serene, totally different from the traditional Chinese wedding. After the wedding ceremony, we ate the traditional Muslim food, some meat and vegetables, it tastes good.


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