22nd September 2012, by Ashley

Hello, my name is Ashley and I am the new Co-Director at the Bali center. I arrived almost two weeks ago, and I have, since then, been learning the ropes around here. Before arriving, I was nervous about meeting the children and wondering how they would react to my arrival. But since the day of my arrival, the children have been a true delight! Every day when the children arrive, they run in saying “Hello Kak Ashley, hello Kak Ashley!”  Many of the girls love bringing the small change they have saved up and ask me to take them to the local convenient store to go “shopping” for snacks. On the way there and back, it gives me a good opportunity to get to know more about the girls, outside of the classroom.

This week has been incredibly busy at the center! On Wednesday, Ibu Eni and I visited local elementary schools. We spoke with the teachers, as well as the students and shared information about our center and our courses. Ibu Eni did a terrific job of getting the students very excited about coming to join our center because we had a total of 51 new recruits this week!! We are happy to welcome these new students!


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