26th September 2012, by Ayano

Since I only speak a little bit of bahasa Indonesia, the language
barrier with the students on my first day of teaching classes were, to
be honest, quite challenging. Nothing is less effective than telling
an unruly class of 20 boys to be quiet in a langauge they don’t
understand. But the IHF Jakarta Director Tess, as well as Ade and Ayu,
helped me learn some important classroom vocabulary that made all the
difference. For those of you thinking of volunteering with any IHF
classes in Indonesia, learning the following classroom vocab is
strongly recommended!
Bilang setelah saya- Say (repeat) after me
Duduk!- Sit!
Selasai?- Finish?
Jangan berisik!- Be quiet!
Tulis- Write
Baca- Read
Sudah- Already
Belum- Not yet
Sekali lagi- One more time
Buka buku- Open book
Contoh- Example
Once I learned the vocab above by heart, it was a lot easier for the
students and I to communicate. It amazes me how eager these kids are
to learn English- I know for a fact that in other countries, a lot of
kids dislike going to any kind of class apart from school, or are
forced to go by their parents, or think learning English is a waste of
time. But not these IHF students. They really appreciate these free
English classes offered to them, and they are enthusiastic about
learning. Many of them come to the center 30 to 45 min earlier than
their classes (of course partially to hang out with their friends) and
are eager and ready to learn by the time class time starts.
I try to keep the classes both interesting and useful by having the
kids write down new vocab, practice dialog, help with pronounciation,
and try to mix the class with songs, group activities, and some games
like BINGO and hangman. Even though teaching is not my main profession
back home in America, I still really like teaching because I feel like
the students teach me important lessons as well. They teach me
patience and how to stay in control while respecting their opinions,
and above all, they teach me the importance of making learning fun. I
hope more volunteers are able to see how wonderful these kids are!


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