4th October 2012, by Emelie

I have been at the IHF Bali Center for nearly six weeks now, but it seems like I just arrived yesterday. Time flies when you’re having fun, and when you’re busy. I thought I had a good idea of what being a center director with IHF would entail, and I guess I wasn’t all that far off, but still, things are new and different. The days go by very quickly and now when looking back I can barely remember what has happened or what I have done.

The energy and enthusiasm the children bring with them to the center daily is remarkable, somewhat overwhelming at times and usually pretty loud, but a lot of fun! On any given day I hear my name being called more times than I thought would be possible, but I find that flattering (mostly). After an afternoon of teaching classes I am usually completely beat, but very happy.

This is truly a job that does not compare with any other job I have ever had. Besides working on various administrative tasks, playing with the children and teaching I also communicate with the children’s’ parents on a daily basis, and that can be somewhat intimidating. I am constantly reminded of the responsibility I, and IHF as organization, has been granted as these parents allow us to educate their children. All it’s an intense experience, but in a good way.


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