5th October 2012, by Ashley

With the start of a new month, begins the start of letters and posters that our children create for their sponsors. This is the chance for the children to personally thank their sponsors for the letters and contributions they have received, and share with their sponsors a bit more about their day-to-day lives and what types of activities they enjoy. After a successful workshop on sponsor letter writing last Saturday, the students were able to put their new skills to action this week.

Additionally, the classes that are sponsored worked together to make lovely posters to show their class sponsors their gratitude. The children got pretty creative and even made some beautiful posters with handpicked flowers from our center. It is really great to see the students working together on a project, and also getting the opportunity to see their creative sides.

Lastly, we had a special movie watching in the outdoor classroom one afternoon. The children gathered around as we watched “The Chronicles of Narnia”. Many of the students had never seen the movie before, so they were all very attentive. The children really loved being able to watch a movie (even though it was only on my small laptop screen) that the next day they all came in chanting “Narnia II, Narnia II”.  We will definitely have to download some more movies because the children really enjoyed this treat!

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