7th October 2012, by hossein

This has been nearly 6 months i am in IHF Aceh center. Joko has been her for about months now. He plans to go to university thanks to IHF support next year. All students attending his class enjoy and love him.

We also make our English class for SMA (senior high school) in a special way. In every session we have a subject and we hold roundtable discussion. This week our subject was about the education. Students shared their ideas about the advantages of education and weak points of educational system in Indonesia.

Thanks to the great hospitality of Aceh’s people we enjoy of our life here so much. We are going outing nearly every week. Aceh has many beautiful beaches and majestic scenery. Its sunsets are also fantastic.

Syifa’s English language is also gets very very better. Many people visited us and they are impressed with progress. Our neighbors send their children to center to play with Syifa, hoping their English skills will improve. I am very happy for Syifa. She is so talented. Last time that I repaired the door and change the loch she learnt how to use the screwdriver. She is lovely and fantastic …

By Hossein


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