7th October 2012, by Thibault

Time flew fast over my first week in Nakuru center. I arrived when Lianne had to get back to England for some personal reasons. That is quite unfortunate because she was a great director and did many good things for IHF; kids and staff were sad when she left but life goes on at the center… Well, obviously things are different here compared to the center I was working in previously in Jakarta. Even though I miss a bit Indonesia and its people, I am happy to be here to give some help and assistance the ninety lovely little kids. Uniforms and stationary items are brand new; children are all set for the third school term. Jane and Angeline, our social workers are really wonderful and help me a lot for daily duties.

On Friday evening kids did something absolutely awesome. They performed traditional dance and songs from Pokot. So much energy can be felt out of it! You can see the video on our YouTube channel or Facebook Page.

For the next 3 weeks the center is lucky to welcome two amazing volunteers. Sven and Caroline came all the way from New Zealand to meet and cheer up the kids they already visited four years ago. Caroline is a teacher for primary school, so obviously she knows well how to handle and cherish children. Sven is a human swiss army knife and can fix pretty much everything: chimneys, pipes, fences, engines, electrics… nothing seems impossible! Both of them are really helpful and for sure, all IHF Nakuru staff and kids hope to welcome them for a third time in the future.

See you later



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