8th October 2012, by Laura

The kids continue to surprise me! It turns out they are quite amused by musicals, even the old ones. We played a clip of Gene Kelly dancing and singing to “Singing in the Rain” during our weather class and they loved it! They wanted to see it several times.  The next day we decided to show them a part of “Phantom of the Opera” and they were equally as interested! I find it quite funny but good to know for future classes!

Saturday was Jess’s last day.  We had a fantastic chocolate fondue party for her last night on Friday.  She bought several different kinds of fruit, marshmallows, and donuts to dip in the chocolate. The kids could barely wait for us to cut everything up and for the chocolate to melt before digging in.  It was delicious! It was a great way to say goodbye to a great volunteer. She will be greatly missed!

This does mean now that I have one of the volunteer bedrooms to myself. When I first arrived it was completely full and now it is just me. It’s kind of unbelievable.  I feel like I’ve met so many nice people already but they are gone so quickly.  Although I do appreciate my own space, it also means more work!  Oh well, that’s why I’m here.  I’m sure the kids will continue to make it worth it.

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