17th October 2012, by Emelie

Time moves quickly when you are having fun, and I have had a lot of fun over the last 2 months that I have been staying at the IHF Bali Center! I have gotten to know our students well and some of their parents too, and I have gotten more familiar with my surroundings. Bali is a beautiful island, and to be able to experience it together with our loving students is truly an extraordinary experience. I have learnt more about the role our center plays in the local community, and I am learning a lot from all the people that frequent our center. Mothers of our students gather around in common areas during classes to have a chat, and to look after the children playing in these areas, and they often too want to practice their English or help me with my Indonesian. Many of the children come to the center every day, even if they don’t have class, to play with their friends or to see me, and I have noticed how the children trust me more and more.

Over the last month we have done a couple of more recruiting campaigns, visiting schools and talking to children in the areas surrounding the village the center is located in. We have attempted to spread the word about the work we do here at it seems to go over well; there are always new people to notify. As a result many new students have been joining our center, making it even livelier than it was before. I am again amazed by the children’s ability to adapt! Our new students are studying hard to catch up in our English, computer and math classes, and the students that were already here are welcoming the new recruits with open arms.

For our computer classes we have implemented a new curriculum covering Microsoft Office; paint, word, excel and powerpoint, and the children love it! The curriculum is based on a large number of exercises, divided into subunits, written in Indonesian with detailed instructions. At first it was a little challenging to encourage the students to work independently and not wait for me to show them how to do certain things, but now they are all doing great! Surprisingly enough the computer classes have become very quiet as the students are focusing hard and are enjoying learning by trying.

All in all, the last couple of months have been inspiring, fulfilling and really hard work! Every day here at IHF Bali brings something new with it and I am excited to find out what tomorrow will be like.


Co-Director IHF Bali Center

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