11th November 2012, by Julie

The rainy season is upon us at last and the centre garden is green and lush. We had great fun making a ‘patch work’ poster for our two class sponsors for SD3 and SD4. The children also did some painting and drawing of fruit and animals to learn new words. The quality of some of the pictures drawn was amazing and we have some real budding artists.

With the older children (10 and 11 year olds) we are doing conjunctions and they quickly cottoned on to how the words could join up sentences. As a native English speaker I had to think hard of examples as it is so automatic for me.

Our volunteer, Mohammed had a bit of a shock when a cow wandered into the garden – he has now earned the nickname ‘Petani (Farmer) Mohammed’

On Saturday afternoon the children worked hard at their computer class so we finished the afternoon with a bit of fun playing skipping.

I am building a lovely relationship with the students – I love their enthusiasm, vitality and cheekiness!  Our class photo shows all the wonderful personalities I work with. It will be interesting to watch the children grow and mature over the next year.


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