28th October 2012, by Tess

This week in Jakarta we were excited to celebrate Idul Adha. This is a festival where many goats and cows are sacrificed. For the last couple of weeks the streets have been full of goats, and on Saturday they were slaughtered and we were lucky enough to get some of the meat. On Sunday we made a BBQ and had delicious sate! Friday was a holiday and we didn’t have any classes, and on Saturday many students were away, so it was a more relaxing week than usual. On Wednesday Ayu and I went recruiting students again, this time to a nearby poor neighbourhood and handed out many flyers and talked to a lot of children and their parents. We also went to a nearby high school, as our senior high school classes have the least amount of students. As we have been doing a lot of recruitment campaigns recently we have had a lot of new students enrolling. Although that means that the students are at different levels, I find that the older students can gain a lot by helping the new students, and the new students are pushed to work harder to get to the level of the older students. It makes teaching challenging but interesting.


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