29th October 2012, by Laura

This week has been rather quiet as most of the kids have gone back to their villages during their school holiday.  Last Sunday we took a trip to one of the villages to drop 3 of the kids off.  It was an amazing trip! We had to ride in a truck on an extremely muddy mountain road.  We were pretty sure we were going to get stuck but luckily it didn’t happen.  We brought some noodles with us and one of the girls invited us into her home and heated up some water so we could cook them. We toured around the village to see where some of the other kids’ homes were and we were followed by a large group of local children. They were really cute!

Now there are only 2 of the boys here. We have been exercising every night and everyone, the directors, the boys and I, seems to be enjoying themselves.  We had a bonfire one night where we got to roast marshmallows and make some smores. I actually had to settle on chocolate and coconut biscuits because I couldn’t find a place that sold graham crackers but they turned out to be an excellent substitute!

I look forward to the coming weeks! Soon the kids will all be back and we will be getting some more volunteers so the house will be full again. I will enjoy the quiet while it is here!


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