4th November 2012, by Lauren

It’s so nice to know how well I’ve settled in after one week. The Jakarta Centre is simple (and VERY different to what I’m used to) but it makes you appreciate the little things. We wash our clothes the basic way, we use the traditional ‘mandi’, and I couldn’t forget those squat toilets. But I love the difference in lifestyle. It’s such an eye opener and I’ve already learnt so much I didn’t know about Indonesia just by being here.

This is my first time ever teaching anything, so at first I must admit I was a little nervous. However after a few days I got the hang of it and am loving teaching these dedicated and adorable children. I already feel so fulfilled knowing that my small contribution can go such a long way. I’m teaching mainly primary school students English, but I can be as creative as I like (I think the children enjoy that!). It’s a lot of fun for both myself and the children.
I was struck by the Indonesian culture my first day and immediately fell in love with it. The food (oh the food!) is so simple yet so delicious, but only sometimes a little overwhelming. Check out the chicken head I had for dinner last night.
On Sunday we decided to relieve ourselves from the heat by going swimming. Everyone was playing and laughing and enjoying the relaxing Sunday. The Jakarta centre have such a tight-knit family and I feel so privileged to be a part of it. I was so excited to arrive here last month and now I’m here and enjoying it much more than I thought. I’m sure this month is going to be filled with so many educational, new and fun experiences!

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