17th November 2012, by Julie

This week we have been concentrating on getting the centre ship shape for the arrival of new volunteers next week. Our centre workman Agus has done a great job in ridding the rooms of termites and liaising with the telecom company to fix our phone and internet which was affected by the rains and storms of the last few days. The sea was a wonder to behold with a high tide and out at sea storms making it throw stones way up the beach.

We have a new local volunteer – Fred – who lives in Denpasar and is a nurse. He is great at helping to keep the big classes focused on work and assisting individual children to keep up with the brighter students. It was also our voluntourist, Mohammed’s birthday on Tuesday. I had great fun getting loads of birthday cake and candles with the help of the children. I was amazed at how the 60 children attending the centre that day were so excited and yet managed to keep it an absolute secret from Mohammed until he was presented with a cake and a Happy Birthday song! It was a great celebration and I think he was genuinely touched. We played games in the garden after eating cake including a new favourite song for the children that I taught them – The Oke Cokey! Even the older children got into the ‘Shake it all about’ part – which made us all laugh. Mohammed heads back to the UK next week and I’m sure he will have some very special memories of his time at IHF Bali.

Our lovely cook Indri had to leave us this week and although we are sad to lose her it is for a happy reason as she is going to Java to be with her small daughter at last. We wish her all the best and thank her for all her hard work for us.

In class this we have been concentrating on improving spoken English amongst our students.  The children have been reading aloud to each other and the class and have also been doing role play as ‘tourists’ which they seemed to find very funny. The best was where I asked two boys to discuss hiring a car – and we got into a discussion about what car they would love to drive.

The days are flying by and I can’t believe I have been here nearly a month already. I’m slowly getting to know the children and the community I now live in and have already made some wonderful friends.

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